Home LockoutsLocks are like trees; there are countless varieties of them! There should be too. After all, you can find locks at home, in your car, at your work or at your business. Locks are present whether you are on vacation or serving in the military. There’s a reason for this – locks work and they are needed! Locks secure what is valuable to us and they also provide us privacy, protection and peace of mind. Here at Riverside Locksmith we proudly offer lock and key service to area residents and we offer this post to familiarize you with some of the various kinds of locks that can be found in our vicinity. Call us anytime with your questions or call your favorite Riverside, CA lock and key shop – just make sure that you get the right locks for the right tasks and you will lead a safer and more secure life.

Always choose quality hardware

When buying or installing locks of any kind; be sure to select the best hardware. This doesn’t mean that you have to overspend! Many shops, including ours, offer best-quality locks, keys, and lock hardware that is finely made and not expensive. Some of the best national brands include Master, Kwikset, Marlock, Sentry, Primus, Llco, ASSA, Baldwin, Medeco, Schlage, Yale, Falcon, Ace, Kaba, Abloy, Sentex, Dexter, Falcon and many others. With brands like these, you are always assured of getting the best value. Keep one thing in mind; the very best lock hardware is useless without proper installation and use!


Please don’t skip this section! Deadbolts are invaluable when it comes to better protection. For your dollar, deadbolts present real value as they are not fancy or expensive. Do they work? That depends. The deadbolt needs to be of quality and needs to be installed right. Lastly, it needs to be used!

Deadbolts come in one or two cylinder forms. The most common is the single bolt model. This lock inserts a steel bolt through the strike plate and into the door frame. It has a knob on one end for turning and a key slot on the other for insertion. What’s the big deal about this? Deadbolt locks offer a second line of defense against intrusion. Trying to bypass a deadbolt right after picking a door lock gives the homeowner time to call police or arm themselves and burglars know this. It is much easier and safer (for the crook!) to give up and move on to easier, less secured property.

High security locks

These locks are little known but oh, so valuable. Don’t let the name intimidate you – high security locks are not expensive. Unlike hollow tin locks of the “normal” variety, high security locks are made of solid steel and are not able to be picked or bumped open. For that matter they are fireproof, smash proof and cannot be shot open either! Lock bumping is an ever increasing form of gaining entry into homes and businesses. It’s easy to do, takes only a few seconds, and 90% of all locks on doors today are susceptible. Worse still, lock bumping leaves no evidence of forced entry. Try filing a police report or insurance claim with no proof of illegal entry! With high security locksets, you’ll never worry about lock bumping or give it a second thought!

Keyless entry

Keyless entry is just like it sounds; no keys! It’s been used for years in the automotive field and can now be found in residential use as well as in commercial applications. These locks do away with keys altogether and key codes and number sequences are used instead. With keyless entry, you no longer have to carry around a ponderous set of keys. Just enter your code and you’re in! For security purposes, the system locks up if too many attempts are made at “guessing” and some newer systems now sound an alarm and even call police if it suspects a problem.

Biometric locks

These sci-fi sounding locks are already in use and their popularity is soaring. Instead of a number sequence or key code, your thumbprint is used. Apple’s I-Phone and other products have made these locks mainstream and they are perfect for jewelry stores, banks, government facilities, luxury hotels, research facilities and lots more!

Cam locks

These are found in offices and desks not only here in Riverside, CA but all over the world. These are the locks so prevalent in file cabinets, desks, mailboxes, laundromats and vending machines. You can spot them by their “cam” or tail that rotates 90 to 180 degrees when locked. They do an adequate job of locking but they were never meant for anything other than low-level security purposes. Cam locks are easy to pick or bypass and you should never keep anything of real value or privacy secured by a cam lock.

Mortise locks

Most people are very familiar with mortise locks; they just don’t know that they are called by this name. The word mortise means recessed. That’s because these locks are recessed inside the door and not installed on it. This makes the lock more stable and stronger. So where have you seen these recessed locks so often? On residential front doors! These are the locks that where you insert your key from the outside and then push down on the handle when you are unlocking from the outside. When opening from the inside, just turn the handle to open it. A word to the wise; these locks can be a handful when trying to install on your own. This brings us to our next subject; calling a professional for help.

Call a locksmith

Sometimes, calling in the pros just makes sense. Don’t call any locksmith; call the right one for your needs. Consider the time and money saved when using the services of a full service, 24-hour lock and key expert. In Riverside, CA there are many shops that offer affordable rates, experienced and friendly technicians and even free, no obligation consultations.


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